Testing of industrial pipe fittings

As an accredited laboratory, we perform testing of industrial pipe fittings, valves,  ball valves, etc. Testing of pipe fittings is performed exclusively in accordance with the standard SRPS EN ISO 12266-1: 2013 t.P10, P11, P12. We test the strength of the housing with pressures in the range (0 – 7251) Psi, test the tightness of the housing if working with nitrogen, the test range is from (0 – 87) Psi, if the test fluid is water, the test range is from (0 – 7251) Psi and the seat tightness test if working with nitrogen has test range is from (0 – 87) Psi, if test fluid is water the test range is from (0 – 7251) Psi.

We test pipe fittings for large companies, NIS AD, Elemir, RN Pancevo, tankers for the transport of petroleum products, MSK Kikinda, ZIJIN BOR Copper, HBIS Smederevo,