Ispitivanje rotacione opreme

PROVALVES 2012 service has educated and trained staff, workers and engineers, for testing and servicing rotary equipment.

We service turbines, electric motors, pumps, fans and more

processed industrial equipment of domestic or foreign manufacturers.

In addition to our services, we also perform preventive maintenance of rotary equipment by measuring the quality and condition of bearings in electric motors, pre-nasal shafts, reducers, fans, pumps.

All procedures during service and maintenance are prescribed by the manufacturer and are compliant with the ISO 9001: 2011 standard

After each defect, the client receives a certified defect sheet, and after each service he receives a record of work done on it, with a list of installed parts and types of work performed.

Equipment with which we control measurements of vibrations, resistance, temperature, current are performed, is top quality.

stanju servisirane opreme.

Oprema sa kojom se vrše kontrolna merenja vibracija, otpora, temperatura, struje, je vrhunskih svetskih proizvođača.