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PROVALVES 2012 d.o.o

The main activity of the company PROVALVES 2012 DOO are overhauls and maintenance of thermal power plants, process equipment and pipeline fittings. The company’s specialty is maintenance and testing of safety valves, breathing valves, industrial fittings and fittings for gas and oil, valves on bottles, pressure vessels, pipelines, boilers, internal gas installations, gas installations in boiler rooms, pipelines for liquefied petroleum gas, rubber and plastic hoses …

PROVALVES 2012 D.O.O. is a small company with a desire to develop and achieve the highest standards in the field of maintenance and testing of pressure vessels, mobile pressure equipment and parts of thermal power plants and process equipment including plant components pipeline fittings, pipelines and vessels for extremely high pressures (over 200 Bar) . Organization – company PROVALVES 2012 D.O.O. was founded on 19.12.2012. yr. based in Pancevo, as a privately owned limited liability company.

The first accreditation with the Accreditation Body of Serbia was obtained on July 31, 2013. g. under accreditation number 01-395. LABORATORY ACTIVITY PV-LAB performs pressure tests of pressure equipment and mobile pressure equipment and non-destructive testing on objects and with specified methods. PV-LAB performs tests in the laboratory premises and in the field, ensuring full compliance with organizational principles, management systems and testing procedures in the field. PV-LAB has a space for storage of test equipment, storage of samples and equipment, testing and space for accompanying and administrative work.

The most important resource of PV-LAB is the staff, aware of their own responsibilities and dedicated to the tests they conduct. The experience of the staff in conducting the testing is the foundation of PV-LAB, and knowledge, honesty and dedication to work are the basis for ensuring confidence in the quality of our work. PV-LAB conducts complete tests with its own resources. For these Tests, the competence of PV-LAB in the accreditation system of testing laboratories in the Republic of Serbia is proven.

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