SERVICE Provalves 2012 doo

SERVICE Provalves 2012 doo

Within the laboratory, there is also a service for disassembly and assembly of safety valves and industrial fittings from the plant. The goal is to stop the drive as soon as possible.

The service performs all necessary operations: replacement of defective parts, treatment of abutting surfaces, production of new parts, spindles, housings, seats, exclusively for industrial fittings, valves. The service is equipped with all necessary devices and machines for work as well as experienced and educated service technicians.

The service is able to repair all types of industrial fittings (gate valves, ball valves, straight valves, conical valves). We use various machines for valve repair.

Our main goal is to overhaul the armature as short as possible, so that the delay in the production process would be a tolerable cost for the client.