Guam Marriage Traditions

Whether you undoubtedly are a Guam indigenous, or are simply just visiting, it is necessary to know the guam marriage customs before you want your wedding. These types of traditions include the way a bride-to-be is honored before her matrimony, how her wedding ceremony can be celebrated, and what happens to her after the marital life.

Esteem for parents – mangnginge

For most of Guam’s Chamorro people, respect meant for older relatives continues to be an integral part of their customs. Traditionally, ten years younger men and women could touch their elders’ hands after which hold them facing the nose to provide a blessing.

These customs have been changing in the 21st century. A lot of couples are choosing to live together ahead of getting married, and some hold up their relationship until they are actually ready, or never marry at all.

Another traditions that has adjusted is the approach a girl and relationship with vietnamese woman boy meet up with. In the past, a new girl could hardly be seen with her husband in public or her family can be shamed. She was supposed to meet him secretly through a good friend, and then fulfill in a non-public place where they could only claim hello.

If the couple did not adhere to these guidelines, they would end up being disowned and the relationship was doomed.

In spite of the changing times, these guam marriage traditions remain important to many people. They help to keep the community single and provide coziness for those who are mourning a loss. Fortunately they are a source of pleasure for the Chamorro people.

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