Well-liked Portuguese Marriage Traditions

Portuguese wedding ceremony traditions fluctuate by region and period. However , there are numerous popular Portuguese customs which have become popular over the years.

Deciding on a Padrinho and Madrinha

In Portuguese wedding traditions, the bride and groom choose a “padrinho” and a “madrinha” to guide them through their married life. These two persons are expected to help the couple when marital concerns occur, so it’s crucial that they will be chosen thoroughly.

Strolling Down the Avenue

In a traditional Portuguese wedding ceremony, the father of the bride walks her over the aisle and delivers her to the bridegroom. This part of the ceremony is recognized as to get one of the most unforgettable occasions in a Costa da prata wedding!

Blessings from Groom’s Father

When it comes to Costa da prata wedding traditions, it’s important that groom inquire his father for permission before he can marry his future wife. This is an indication of esteem and an honor towards the family.

Wines and Food

The food in a Portuguese wedding is certainly abundant but not luxurious. The food is prepared with love, using fresh elements and handmade recipes. The menu includes classic dishes like octopus, rice, and meatballs.

Guests happen to be treated to delicious goodies, desserts, and drinks during the day. At night, the reception may last until 1 a. m. or even 6 a. meters.

Finding a Index in Your Marriage ceremony Wear

The Portuguese think that if the few finds a spider on their marriage clothes, this can be a sign of good luck and fortune. The few is also expected to dance when you wear a index on their engagement ring finger. This really is a way to present that the couple’s relationship will be strong and profitable in the future.

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